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Mick Leigh Charismatic Aussie poet

Manorbrook and Christ the King school pupils were enthralled by a larger-than-life Aussie poet Mick Leigh, complete with corks dangling from the brim of his hat, using the joy of word-play to persuade his audience that they could beome poets too.

They set about it with gusto and produced, in no time at all, an impressive list of poems drawn from their own experience and their fertile imaginations.

Mick and Ashley Bijster, the TAF representative at the event, agreed that the standard was so good that the work deserved to be enjoyed by a larger audience.

Ashley collected the poems and arranged for them to be displayed on the website. Enjoy!

The poetry class was organised and sponsored by TAF and is one of several events where the Festival goes out into the community rather than arranging everything at a central location.

Here's what they said about Mick, the first poet most of them had ever met.


"It was good because I've never met someone from Australia before". Lauren

"He was cool!" Josh V

"He put lots of expression in when he read the poems". Sam

"He used funny words in his poems"

"My favorite poem was the one about the toilet". Katherine

"He was really fun and his poems were really good"

"He was a dude". Sam

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